Can I just read Paidemails without participating in other activies?

Susan -

While we do offer a small reward for confirming PaidEmails®, the purpose of PaidEmails® is to inform you of all the new and exciting Cash Offers, Games opportunities, and other exciting new opportunities on our site.

For Members to continue to receive PaidEmails it's important to note that you need to be consistently participating in our Cash Offers and/or other earning opportunities.

Members who do not consistently participate in our other opportunities may experience a diminished number of PaidEmails®, or become unable to receive them entirely.

Since the way each Member participates is different, it is difficult for us to tell you exactly how many opportunities to complete to continue receiving PaidEmails®, but remember that PaidEmails® are not meant to be your primary way of earning.

So, a good rule of thumb is that if you are confirming significantly more PaidEmails® than the number of opportunities you actually participate in, you may need to participate more.

Tip! please remember that participating does not mean purchasing.

 Many of our primary ways of earning are entirely free, such as Cash Surveys, Survey Mailings, Cash Tasks, and even many of our Cash Offers (found in the 100% FREE Offers section).

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