When will I be credited for completing an offer?

Susan -

All Cash Offers you complete would be reported for crediting within 30 days.  There are some offers that will take 30-45 days and are noted on the offer.

For many of our Cash Offers, reporting occurs within a few business days.  In addition, some of the fastest reporting offers can credit to your account shortly after you have completed the offer. 

This will vary from offer to offer, so do not worry if you do not receive credit right away.  As long as fewer than 30 days have passed, this is perfectly normal.

If more than 14 days have passed and you have not received credit, you can contact us for further assistance using our "Live Assistance" option. 

  • We will need you to include the name of the Offer and the date you completed it upon assistance.  Also, please make sure you completed all the requirements for the offer. 

Why do you have to wait 14 days? 

The reporting necessary for us to see that you have completed an offer and credit your account takes time.  The exact amount of time will vary from offer to offer, based on many factors, ranging from what type of offer it is, to what day of the month you completed it. 

Some offers may require a waiting period of the trial, or a credit card transaction to be verified, your cheque payment to clear, or other specific requirements you agree to in that particular offer. 

For all of these reasons, we do need you to allow 14 days to receive the necessary reporting.

  1. Ensure you have met all the offer requirements.  Each offer has terms which you agree to on their site, so make sure you have met all of their conditions.
  2. Use our "Live Assistance" option if you have not been credited after 30 days of completing the offer. Please have the name of the offer and date completed prior to assistance.

Delayed Crediting

Some offers will come with delayed crediting and will be shown on the offer if applied:



View Cash Earnings:

You can view your current earnings credited for Cash Offers on your Earnings page. Find Cash Offers and if you prefer you can click the View Details to see exactly what has been applied to date.


Completion of Offers/Cash Earning Activities

Unless otherwise stated, Offers are available for first-time customers only. Members will not be credited for completing an Offer if they have completed the Offer in the past, through the Website, any other website, or with the Advertiser directly.

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