FAQ: Identity Verification

Angelica -

Q: Why am I being asked to verify my identity? 

A: At InboxPounds, we are committed to protecting our members, our site, and our rewards program from online threats. To help ensure a safe environment and prevent unauthorized activity, we must occasionally request that our members complete a simple identity verification (IDV) process, as noted in our Terms of Use.


Q: How does the IDV process work? 

A: We have partnered with Persona, a trusted third-party company, to handle the IDV process via their dedicated, online portal. 


Q: Who is Persona, and why do you use them? 

A: Persona is a reputable US company specializing in IDV. We chose them for their positive user experience, reliability, and commitment to privacy and security.


Q: What information will I need to provide? 

A: Persona will prompt you to provide whatever information is required; typically, just an image of your government-issued identification (ID) and a selfie. 


Q: How long does the process take? 

A: The Persona process is designed to be quick and efficient, usually taking a few minutes. In some circumstances, our team may require up to an additional 10 business days to review and confirm your results.


Q: How does Persona protect my privacy and security? 

A: For details on the advanced measures that Persona employs to protect your data privacy and security, please visit https://withpersona.com/security.  We also encourage you to review their Privacy Policy at https://withpersona.com/legal/privacy-policy


We kindly request your cooperation in completing the IDV process. For more information, refer to the links provided or reach out to our support team. Thank you!

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